Need Funding For Your Business? Let Marc D. Manoff Consulting Help You Find It

At Marc D. Manoff Consulting, we recognize that one of the most critical components to any business venture is access to capital. Regardless of industry or size, an organization relies heavily on available cash flow to achieve its objectives and successfully sustain itself.

Sadly, securing this vital corporate funding often proves elusive, particularly for new companies. Even the savviest business owners can spend copious amounts of precious time and internal resources attempting to unearth valid channels for funding opportunities, with little return on investment. That is why businesses are turning to Marc D. Manoff Consulting for proven methods to both source and secure financing opportunities - fast!

Marc D. Manoff Consulting - Helping Businesses Unearth Capital Funding Opportunities

Marc Manoff of Marc D. Manoff Consulting has over 20 years business law experience and a diverse career of entrepreneurial achievements that give him a uniquely qualified background for successfully obtaining funding from sources ranging from government grants to private equity funding.   After familiarizing ourselves with your organization's goals and requirements, we craft a customized approach to our network of extensive resources and contacts to help your organization identify entities capable of delivering the needed resources.  We can help to quickly identity the best sources for purchase order or invoice factoring,  lines of credit or traditional debt financing,   so you can remain focused on generating revenue.   

Not only will Marc D. Manoff help your team craft the right message to deliver to funding sources, we  will also partner with you and/or your executive staff to prepare the required requests and documentation for each prospect. Marc D. Manoff Consulting will work with you to:

  • Fine tune Your Company Message
  • Draft Financial Statements and Projections
  • Prepare Plans Of Action For Short And Long Term Goals
  • Institute Fraud Prevention Programs

Take control of your business path today! Contact Marc D. Manoff Consulting today for a risk free consultation on how we can help your business stay on track to access available funding  and keep your business  on the path to long term goal achievement and profitable sustainability.

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